Customised projects & services

Catering to the needs of our clients

ATM provides a full range of services

In an ever changing and dynamic Airline World, it is getting more difficult to predict and budget needs for resources.
ATM has the flexible solution for you!

Customised services

If a fully dedicated GSA service is not what you require, ATM will customise a solution for you. These may include key account management & sales, travel agency support & help desk, reservations & ticketing etc.

Professional Staff

Whatever your requirements our experienced staff will provide the solution.

Projects - time limited

Choose from our wide range of services, customised to match your specific projects e.g.; Sales & Marketing blitzes, market intelligence & strategy reports, organising press events, workshops & roadshows.

Your product, service and perception

How is your service and product perceived by your customers? We offer documented and confidential service audits – a chance to improve. Learn more..

Terms & remuneration

Depending on your choice of services – we will offer you a unique contract, at a competitive price.

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