Service Audits

Catering to the needs of our clients

ATM provides a full range of services

We are dedicated to providing concise Quality Assurance audits with a specific purpose in mind:
how is your product perceived and experienced by your clients and guests.

We work to improve quality by creating transformational improvement.

Airline Audits

Our audits evaluate all areas of front-line product and service delivery performance. The audit covers pre-defined areas e.g.: Check-in, Lounges, Cabin Service, Meal service etc, even the performance of your handling agency.

Hotel & Lodge Audits

Whether it is an evaluation of your restaurant, spa, or complete property, from making the reservation to arrival and departure: every interaction is documented in our audit.

Handling/Airport Audits

The audit will focus on areas such as: Irregularity handling, Baggage handling, Security & Passport control.

Cruise Audits

Our audits will identify inconsistencies in service, product and brand delivery, covering all aspects of the passenger experience.

Restaurant Audits

The Audit will focus mainly on service and product delivery. We will review guest service, speed of service, meal appearance etc.

Car Rental Audits

We can audit the entire process from reservation to return, and any aspect in between ensuring optimal service delivery.

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